Studying Islam in Southeast Asia:

state of the art and new approaches


Workshop organized under the auspices of

The Australia-Netherlands Research Collaboration (ANRC), in co-operation with

the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM)

Convenors: Greg Fealy (ANU) and Martin van Bruinessen (ISIM / Utrecht)


Date and venue:

7-8 July 2008,

Leiden, Snouck Hurgronjehuis, Rapenburg 61




Provisional program:


Governance of Islam in colonial and postcolonial Southeast Asia


Gerrit Knaap & Isabel van der Heiden (Netherlands Historical Institute) Governance of Islam in the Netherlands Indies: some preliminary results


Elsbeth Locher-Scholten & Remco Raben (Utrecht and Netherlands Institute for War Documentation) reflections on Netherlands Indies Islam policies and new approaches in research


Kees van Dijk (Leiden) The resilience of Islam under Guided Democracy


Quinton Temby (PhD cand. ANU) Darul Islam


Dadi Darmadi (PPIM/Harvard) -- Governing the hajj: the Indonesian and Saudi governments and Indonesian pilgrims


Joseph Liow (Singapore) Governing Islam in Malaysia: the religious bureaucracy under Mahathir and Badawi


Jan-Michiel Otto (Leiden) Sharia and national law in Indonesia an overview and reflections on new research


Nadirsyah Hosen (Wollongong) Sharia and Legal Pluralism in Indonesia


Robin Bush (Asia Foundation Jakarta) Local sharia regulations in Indonesian districts



Transnational Islamic networks in Southeast Asia (and beyond)


Najib Azca (PhD cand. Amsterdam)   Post-jihadists without borders.

Greg Fealy (ANU) - Ikhwani transnationalism: the case of the PKS in Indonesia

Greg Barton (Monash) International influences on Islamic liberalism in Indonesia and Malaysia


Din Wahid (PhD cand, ISIM) Salafi madrasas in Indonesia and their transnational connections


Ernesto Braam (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and PhD student) Islamic reformism in southern Thailand



Media and Performances


Margaret Kartomi (Monash) Islamic music in Aceh


Katinka van Heeren (PhD cand Leiden) -- Dakwah films, and debates on what is Islamic film-making


Bart Barendregt (anthropology Leiden) --  Nasyid groups


Ben Arps (professor Indonesian languages, Leiden) Spiritual Refreshment, Medicine for the Heart: Preaching on Record and on the Air in Indonesia


Julian Millie (postdoctoral fellow, Monash University) - Sundanese/Indonesian: Preaching and social difference in West Java


Julia Day Howell (associate professor, Griffith University) - Sufism in the Popular Mass Media