Current research:

1. Islamic movements in Post-Suharto Indonesia (with special emphasis on PKS, Darul Islam-related groups and movements, Salafism, and 'liberal' and 'progressive' trends, as well as internal developments in Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama). Monograph to be completed in 2011.

2. Identity struggles in Turkey and Kurdistan 1980-2009. Monograph to be completed 2011.

3. Islam in transnational context. Religious movements, secularity, and migration. Three sub-projects concern specific movements: the network of Turkish imam-hatip graduates in Europe (carried out by Ismail Çaglar), Lebanese Salafis and their transnational linkages to the Gulf region and Western Europe (Zoltan Pall), and the Fethullah Gülen movement (Mehmet Şahin and Martin van Bruinessen). The fourth sub-project is a comparative overview of changing discourses on integration and the responses of Muslim communities in a number of European countries (Alexandre Caeiro).



Modified 29-10-2010