Proposal Database: 5 Romance Languages Orthographically and Phonetically Transcribed

We found the Swadesh list on the Internet with help from last year's proposal. We translated the words into Latin, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. For Latin we could not find phonetic transcriptions, probably because this is a dead language. For the other four we did find transcriptions and will add them to the database. In this way we can compare the words orthographically and phonetically. We wanted to see the change in language from Latin to the other four newer languages. This can only be done orthographically, because as we mentioned before there are no phonetic transcriptions for Latin available in any of the libraries. Besides this, we also want to compare the four languages with each other, both orthographically and phonetically.

We made this choice because we think it is interesting to see if these languages look alike in phonetic transcription, and see how much they still look like Latin. Our first idea included Romanian transcriptions but we were unable to find any dictionaries on them with phonetic transcriptions, so decided to use French instead.

We found the book "The Romance Languages" by Rebecca Posner. She wrote about similarities and difference amongst these languages. We will try to find out if the similarities she mentioned can be found in our list as well.

The Swadesh List: The list of words in English can be found on