Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval in the Netherlands

Franciska de Jong (University of Twente)

Recently the deployment of NLP techniques in the application domain of of 
content-based multimedia retrieval has become the primary theme in 
several R&D projects in the Netherlands. From a user's perspective these 
projects address the need for making digital archives searchable and 
accessible. There is funding from both national and EU sources.

The focus of attention is gradually moving from applying just one technology such text retrieval, to the integration of tools and techniques from various fields, such as language technology, speech recognition and image processing. Several collaborative links between research institutes in the Netherlands have been (re)established, with the aim to maximally profit from the various relevant fields expertise.

As human language technology seems to contribute considerably to the level of short and long term succes, the CLIN platform seems the right place to present an overview of the issues and challenges, and of the projects that try to address them.