Talking to Embodied Conversational Agents

Dirk Heylen (University of Twente)
Rieks op den Akker (University of Twente)
Boris van Schooten (University of Twente)

In this talk we discuss several aspects of the research and
development of a virtual theatre in which the visitor (via a
webbrowser) can communicate by text or speech with embodied virtual

We will focus on the differences between dialogues with embodied, animated, agents that can also communicate non-verb ly and dialogues with systems in which the conversation is held over the telephone without a visual representation of the dialogue system and without visual context. Another aspect that will be discussed is how the notion of software agent (a buzzword in the software and AI literature, nowadays) relates to the notion embodied conversational agent. This is one of the central themes in the Virtual Music Theatre project that is currently carried out by the Parlevink research group at Twente University.

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