Miriam Butt (Konstanz):
An LFG view of the Syntax/ Phonology Interface of Complex Predicates

Mittwoch, 14.00 Uhr

Complex Predicates provide a particularly good window on interface issues as their syntactic, semantic and phonological properties do not line up in terms of a simple one-to-one correspondence with one another.

This talk focuses on the relationship between the syntactic and phonological properties of complex predicates in Urdu and Bengali by taking independently arrived at phonological (Fitzpatrick-Cole 1994, Lahiri and Fitzpatrick-Cole 1997) and syntactic (Butt 1995) analyses and investigating the nature of the interface by providing a concrete implementation of the analyses, and thereby defining the interface, in form of a small LFG grammar which includes a level of representation at which phonological analyses are encoded as they have been developed within the framework of prosodic phonology.