Individual assignments

Before each class, students are required to read the indicated literature for the topic and submit a summary of that literature, together in at least two discussion points on the topict that they would like to discuss during class.

The document cannot be longer than three A4 pages and must be submited by the Monday before the class at 14.00 as a PDF file to:

Guidelines for the summaries:

  1. maximum 3 pages
  2. make clear which article you are refering to
  3. include your own reflexion on the article (good, crap, agree, disagree,...) and motivate it
  4. send your discussion points to the group preparing the topic asap (for emails see schedule)
  5. some articles may be too difficult for some of you (because they'll require background knowledge you don't have). Try to make sense out of it but do not spend all the time on those articles. Your summaries should include minimal 4 articles from the list. For the other articles, give a motivation of why you did not use that article.

Deadlines for each topic are:

  1. Optional (not for grade) Monday, 5 feb 07, 14:00: Web: Search and retrieval
  2. Optional (not for grade) Monday, 12 feb 07, 14:00: Agents in the Web
  3. Monday, 19 feb 07, 14:00: Ontologies
  4. Monday, 26 feb 07, 14:00: Ontology Languages
  5. Monday, 5 mar 07, 14:00: Ontology: automatic development and applications
  6. Monday, 19 mar 07, 14:00: The 'top layers': logic, proof and trust
  7. Monday, 26 mar 07, 14:00: Project Proposals
  8. Monday, 1 apr 07, 14:00: Semantic Web Applications