Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands

Tenth CLIN Meeting

Friday, 10 December, 1999
Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS
Utrecht University

The tenth CLIN meeting will be hosted by the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS at Utrecht University . The meeting will take place in the Uil-OTS building, Trans 10, 3512JK Utrecht. The languages of the conference will be English and Dutch.

The local organiser of this year's meeting is Paola Monachesi.

The invited speaker of CLIN 99 is:

Aravind Joshi
University of Pennsylvania
Explorations of a domain of locality

A preliminary programme together with all the abstracts is available.

A volume with the proceedings of CLIN 99 will be produced before CLIN 2000. Papers for these proceedings will have to be written in English. They will be reviewed by a committee to be appointed in due time.


Preregistration for CLIN 99 is compulsory. Please register before December 3, 1999.

The registration fee is Hfl. 60, payable either in advance (information below) or at the registration desk (cash only). It includes lunch, coffee/tea, drinks, and a copy of last year's CLIN Proceedings (CLIN 98 was held in Leuven).
Participants who do not register before the deadline will pay the full fee, but this will not include lunch.

The registration fee for (undergraduate) students (ID necessary) is Hfl. 20. However, it does not include lunch and a copy of the proceedings.

You can register by sending an e-mail ( with the following information:

Name (first and last)
Postal Address
Email Address

If you pay in advance your payment must arrive before December 6, 1999. You can fill the following "eenmalige machtiging" form and send it to:

Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS
Utrecht University
Trans 10
3512JK Utrecht
The Netherlands

Alternatively, a bank transfer is possible. Payment should be sent to:

Utrecht University
Faculteit der Letteren
Postgiro: 564085
Re: "CLIN congres"

Information with respect to accommodation, route description, etc.

Train information

CLIN 99 is sponsored by:

Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)

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