Current courses

bullet Postcolonial Europe  
bullet Contemporary Feminist Debates (RMA)
bullet Transitions in Post-Apartheid South-Africa
bullet Women’s Representations of Eros and Pathos
bullet Issues in Postcoloniality (MA, RMA)
bullet Language, Power and Colonialism in 19th Century (BA, ALW)
bullet Guest lectures – Gender, Ethnicity and Cultural Critique (BA)


Noise Summer School
  • Coordinator Noise Summer School  “Moving Boundaries in Feminist Theory: Postcoloniality and Posthumanity.” Utrecht (2009) see:
  • Coordinator Noise Summer School  (with Rosemarie Buikema) ‘New European Identities and Mediated Cultures. Revisiting the Politics of Location.’ Summer School, Liubljiana, 13-19 September, 2004.
  • Teacher Noise Summer School  ‘McLiterature and the marketing of diversity. Gender, Literary Prizes and the Canon.’ Noise European Summer School in Women’s Studies. Bologna, September, 2007.
  • Teacher Noise Summer School             ‘Bending the Canon? Women Writers and Literary Prizes. The Case of Toni Morrison’s Beloved.’ For Noise European Summer School in Women’s Studies ‘New European Identities and Mediated Cultures. Revisiting the Politics of Location’. Antwerp, 19 September, 2003.
  • Teacher Noise Summer School ‘Diasporic Identities and Medi@ted Cultures: Gender, Power, Representations.’ Madrid, Spain, 1-16 September, 2001.


Virtual Seminars:

·         WUN (World University Network) 2007/2008 Virtual Seminar Series – 'Colonial and Postcolonial Migrations. Sandra Ponzanesi (Utrecht University) and Prof. dr. John McLeod (University of Leeds) ‘Contemporary European Diasporas,’ 22 April, 2008.

·      WUN (World University Network) 2011-2012 Virtual Seminar Series - ‘The Subject and Object of Cinema’ Sandra Ponzanesi ‘Literature and Cinema. Postcolonial Adaptations.’ Centre for World Cinemas. University of Leeds.


Past courses

  • Cosmopolitanism, Globalisation and Literature (RMA, OGC Multidisciplinary Course)

  • Gender, Trauma and Memory (MA, guest lecture)

  • The Return of the Repressed. Race, Gender and Cultural Critique (Utrecht University College)
  • Research Design Seminar
  • Issues in Representation. Gender, Sexuality, Race and Cultural Practices  (UCLA, USA)
  • Verbeeldingsprincipes II 
  • General Introductory Course in Women’s Studies
  • Guest lecture – Europa in Veelvoud
  • Humanities: The Basics (OSL, PHD)
  • Theories of Sex and Gender
  • The Politics of Representation    
  • The Postcolonial Discourse: Re-configuring Nations, Narrations and Identities  (University of Groningen)
  • The City in Literature. Texts, Actors and Culture  (University of Groningen)
  • Migrant Literature and Cinema   (University of Groningen)
  • Italian Literature from 1800 until today (University of Groningen)



bullet Minor Postcolonial Studies
bullet Coordinator Research Master Gender and Ethnicity
bullet Online MA Course Postcolonial Europe. Gender, Ethnicity and Migration (European Athena Project)