Dutch texts of the audiodemonstrations of the IPO INTONATOR from the year 1968


  1. "We gaan vanavond naar de bioscoop"

            a. natural speech

            b. monotonous

            c. monotonous with declination

            d. with “hat pattern” made by a rise in “Avond” followed by a high declination, plus a fall on “biosCOOP"

            e. with a “pointed hat” on “biosCOOP

            d. with a “pointed hat” on “Avond”


  1. "De temperatuur werd automatisch constant gehouden"

            a. natural speech

           b.  monotonous

           c.  monotonous with declination


d.  with a “hat pattern” made by a rise on “TUUR”, followed by a high declination and a fall on “STANT”.