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Gloria Wekker

Professor and Director of GEM, Center of Expertise on Gender, Ethnicity and Multiculturality in Higher Education
Workplaces: Institute for Media and Culture Studies & GEM, Center of Expertise on Gender, Ethnicity and Multiculturality in Higher Education

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Gloria Wekker is a social and cultural anthropologist (MA: UVA 1981, PHD: UCLA 1992), specializing in Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies, African American Studies and Caribbean Studies. Wekker has held the Aletta (IIAV)-chair on Gender and Ethnicity at the Faculty of the Humanities of Utrecht University from 2001 on. She is the coordinator of the one-year MA programme "Comparative Women's Studies in Culture and Politics" as well as the director of GEM, the expertise center on Gender, Ethnicity and Multiculturality in higher education at the same university.

Her research interests include the following themes: constructions of sexual subjectivity in the Black Diaspora; the history of the black, migrant- and refugee Women's Movement in the Netherlands; gendered and ethnicized knowledge systems in the Dutch academy and society; and Higher Education in the Netherlands. In April 2006, Columbia University Press published The Politics of Passion; Women's Sexual Culture in the Afro-Surinamese Diaspora for which she received the Ruth Benedict Prize of American Anthropological Association (2007). Another recent publication which she co-authored is Je hebt een kleur, maar je bent Nederlands. Identiteitsformaties van geadopteerden van kleur (with C. Asberg, van der Tuin, I. en N. Frederiks, Utrecht University 2007).

Wekker participates in the development of multicultural and anti-racist gender theory in the Netherlands. Within Gender Studies, she situates herself as a representative of intersectional and transnational gender theory. In addition, Wekker writes poetry and prose and is on the editorial board of several international journals in the fields of Queer and Feminist Studies and the Social Sciences.

Wekker is on sabbatical at NIAS (Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies) from September 7 2011 till the end of June 2012, to work on her new book Innocence Unltd. Intersections of Gender, Race and Sexuality in the Dutch Cultural Archive.

Full Curriculum Vitae dated November 2011 in PDF format

Speech on the book Spiegelreflex by Susan Legêne, dated September 2010 in PDF (in Dutch)

Lecture "Geweld is Niet Gewoon", dated March 15 2010 in PDF (in Dutch)

George Mosse Lecture dated September 16 2009 in PDF (in Dutch)

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