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Welcome to this site. It concerns the course that will be given on Binary Tense in Budapest at the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Benczúr u. 33 on 18-22 January 2010. It will mainly contain link-information. The first link gives you pdf-information about the course:

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This is an update of a chapter of the Handbook of Logic and Language Elsevier/MIT Press 1997, edited by Johan van Benthem and Alice ter Meulen (nr. 213 in my List of Publications). In this List you can easily find some pdf-papers that are relevant for the topic under discussion, such as nr. 182, 181 and (not so much about tense) 173. But don't feel obliged. Maybe it is also a good advice to read section §57 on tense in Reichenbach's famous Elements of Symbolic Logic, so that you can check whether or not I give a correct sketch of his system. You might also like to have a brief look at an introduction to modal and tense logic in order to get acquainted with the idea of operators taking tenseless sentences. But I will deal with it on the spot, so don't worry if you haven't done it.

Between now and January 15 I will extend the content of the present page on an irregular base, dependent on the need.

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