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Since 2005 I have worked as an assistant professor at the Spanish Department of Utrecht University, and in September 2013 I have appointed coordinator of the one-year linguistic MA program Taal, Mens, Maatschappij.

Until September 2009 I had been working as a coordinator of LOT (Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics) and as a coordinator of the Research Master Linguistics.

Until August 2004 I had been employed as a postdoc at UiL OTS on the NWO funded project Comparative Psycholinguistics. Before that I worked as a managing assistant at the Institute of Foreign Languages (IVT) and UiL OTS, as a lecturer of Spanish linguistics at the Spanish Department of the University of Amsterdam, and as a research assistant at UiL OTS.

As a lecturer I teach courses in linguistics, language acquisition and translation. My main research interests are (first) language acquisition, multilingualism and (Broca's) aphasia. I am particularly interested in the development and decay of the syntax-discourse interface (determiners, pronouns, tense), which I study from a cross-linguistic perspective. Additionally I am interested in Spanish syntax and language processing.

Between 2009 and 2012 I had been involved in the Comenius project Transitions and Multilingualism (TRAM). Since September 2013 I have been working on a project about multilingualism and education.


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